Only two


For guitar and percussion.

Year of composition: 

First performance at the Halles des Chartrons, Bordeaux in 2002 by the soloists of the ensemble Proxima Centauri: Jean-Luc Rocchietti (guitar) and Clément Fauconnand (percussion).

Commissioned by the guitarist Matt Scheidegger and the percussionist Guy Frisch.

Availble(s) recording(s): 

Only two

Ensemble Proxima Centauri.
Guitar : Jean Luc Rocchietti ;
Percussion : Clément Fauconnet.

Live recording by Christophe Havel.

Available from the ensemble Proxima Centauri and from the composer.

Work's details: 
Only two

Only two

Guitar : Bertrand Chavarria;
Percussion : Elisa Humanes.

Recorded at the studios of Radio France by Philippe Dao.

Available from the composer.

Work's details: 
Only two