Encore Nalu Kamusi

For voice, multipercussion, sound objects and electronics on CD.

Year of composition: 

First performance at the Présences 2005 de Radio France.
Voice: Géraldine Keller ;

Multipercussion and sound objects : Jean Geoffroy ;
Electro-acoustic engineering : INA-GRM et France Musique ;
Assistant : François Donato ;
Sound control : José Luis Campana.

Commissioned by the Présences 2004 Festival, Radio France.

Production : Ina-GRM.

Musical assistant : Diego Losa.

CD with the electronic part only is available from Ina-GRM (Paris) and from the composer.

Availble(s) recording(s): 

Encore Nalu Kamusi

Production : Ina-Grm ;
Live recording at ‘Présences’, Radio France, by France Musique, 2005.

Voice: Géraldine Keller  ;
Percussion: Jean Geoffroy.

Available from Ircam, Cdmc, Ina-GRM and from the composer.

Work's details: 
Encore Nalu Kamusi