D’un geste apprivoisé... (2nd version)

For baritone saxophone and electronics on CD.

Year of composition: 

First performance at the Halle des Chartrons (Bordeaux, France) 22 October 2002.

Baritone saxophone : Marie-Bernadette Charrier ;

Electro-acoustic engineer : Christophe Havel;

Sound control : José Luis Campana.

The electronic part on CD is available from the composer.

Availble(s) recording(s): 

D'un geste apprivoisé... (2nd version)

Concert ‘Portrait de José Luis Campana’ by the ensemble Proxima Centauri at the Halle des Chartrons, Bordeaux, 22 October 2002

Saxophone: Marie-Bernadette Charrier;
Electro-acoustic control: Christophe Havel;
Sound control: José Luis Campana.

Live recording by Christophe Havel.

Available from the ensemble Proxima Centauri and from the composer.